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Local brand, Reckless Race Concepts is happy to announce the signing of top Australian Elite Downhill Pinner, Darcy Coutts and 3x Australian BMX Champion, Amanda Morgan.

“After spending my whole career with support riding for big global brands, I am so happy to now focus my energy in promoting a local label that is starting to become global.” States Coutts.Darcy Coutts and Shannon Mckay

“I’ve known Darcy since he was 14 and as smooth as he in on track, he’s definitely a reckless racer and if you’ve seen him jump a downhill bike you’d know what I mean. After results last year both at World Cups and Australian Championships, we are so happy to add another key Elite rider to our team and provide him what he needs to keep doing what he is doing.” McKay says of Coutts.

“I too have been part of international brands for so long and its great to be part of a great local brand that is building something cool and new. I also get to give my input into designs and sizing for women’s and kids too.” States Morgan.

Amanda Morgan

“We could not be happier to add such great ambassadors to our athlete group,” states Shannon McKay, Director/Founder of Reckless Race Concepts.

“We never really set out to look at BMX, being all about Mountain Biking, but after being introduced to Amanda and seeing her BMX career to date, we are so stoked to have her on the team and will be a help in building our brand position in the BMX market as well as the female Mountain Bike Market.” McKay says of Morgan.

“I’ve ridden BMX all my life, as has my family, so whilst I still ride the BMX, venturing into Mountain Biking is exciting. My focus for the current season will be to ride local events the Victorian Downhill Series and then depending on schedules, I want to try and race the National program and Championships which no doubt will be a huge step up for me.” Says Morgan.

As Coutts prepares to embark on his first World Cup trip of the year, Reckless have kitted him out in their latest designs. “The Reckless gear has become such a sic brand and I am stoked that I get to be in such a great diverse team with amazing junior talent and World Class Elite talent too. I’m excited about this fresh start and can’t wait to rock it overseas. This season focus is just being consistent with my results, but I definitely feel I can push to be one of the top riders in the Australian team. Probably my biggest goal is that I want to get to Australian Championship and push to better the 9th place from last season” Said Coutts.

“Over the past few years we’ve always helped young talent as well as a focus to grow the brand. The signing of these two ambassadors ticks a big box in the growth of the company. We are now onto our 3rd design range, and these are easily some of our best yet and, we are now offering both women’s and kids sizing too which is a first for the brand. We’ve also started to get into both the UK and US markets which is exciting for us, a local brand, being able to start becoming global.” States McKay.

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